Meet the Team

Learn all about our amazing and wonderful staff!



Orthodontic Technician

Cristin has been working with Dr. Hallman a very long time (don't ask how many years, it's rude). Cristin is from Romania and is very fond of reading Harry Potter with her daughter. She loves to travel with her family, and has a great sense of humor.



Treatment Coordinator

Becky loves to make people smile! She’s fun-loving, creative and kind. Her greatest joy in life is being a mom to her three children. She enjoys baking, family time, trips to the beach, and iced coffee, which is sure to put that extra pep in her step!



Practice Administrator

Jen is a giant nerd, so if you ever have questions about superheroes or movies, she is the one to ask. She also loves theater and singing, but don't ask her to sing 'cause she's shy.