Cone Beam CT Scanner

We are proud to be the only orthodontic practice in the Washington DC metro area that offers 3D imaging via our Cone Beam CT Scanner.  This technology is designed to provide our practice with the highest quality of images, giving us even more accuracy in planning our patients' treatment. In just one quick scan, we will have a full cranial, 3D scan that allows us to review multiple views and eliminates the need for numerous scans and X-rays. The ability to re-use shots endlessly from a single scan means your office visits are shorter, and we get all the images needed to effectively plan your treatment.

Additionally, our scanner has ultra-low dose radiation, meaning you do not have to be worried about over exposure to X-ray radiation. We can acquire a 3D scan at a lower dose than panoramic imaging, and it has an average does reduction of 77%. To learn more about ultra-low dose radiation, click below!